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1.How does the laser work?

The birds are frightened of the reflected “spot” the laser makes on the grass, leaves, water, or other birds. When they see that spot near them they fly away. The laser “spot” does not need to touch the birds to be effective.

2.What bird species is the Dissuader most effective on?

It is highly effective on most aquatic, wading, and night flying birds. This would include Geese, Ducks, Gulls, Egrets, Herons, Cranes, Plovers, Ibis, Cormorants, Stilts, Crows, Ravens, Mynas, and Vultures.

3.Does the Dissuader work on Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows or Grackles?

Yes, but with limitations – the Dissuader will only be effective indoors, or outdoors at night on small flocks that are roosting (2,000 birds or less) – it is not effective outdoors during the day at all on these birds.

The lasers’ best use for these bird species would be in the same manner that Wal-Mart uses the Dissuader to clear their stores and distribution warehouses:

The birds perch/roost on the overhead beams above the lights; meaning that the ambient light levels are fairly low. The lasers (they use a minimum of two) are then used to “herd” the birds out doors or into capture nets where they are captured and carried outside.

This approach allows everyone to work from the ground and allows a large area to be cleared in about one hour.

4.How large an area will the Dissuader effectively cover?

Field use has demonstrated reliable effectiveness of 1/2 mile. Greater distances (up to 1 mile) have been accomplished under favorable conditions (e.g. rural setting with very little ambient light, no fog, and less than a full moon)

5.How long does it take to scare the birds away?

That depends on how large an area the birds are roosting in and how many birds there are, but not long. Allow an hour on your first night with most of that spent investigating whether the roost is clear.

6.Does it work during the day?

Generally no, we have found two species, Herons and Egrets who are highly affected during the day, but most other species will ignore the laser in bright daylight conditions. It is generally effective, however, on overcast, cloudy days. Rule of thumb for effectiveness is – if you can see the reflection of the beam spot off the grass/leaves/water – so can the birds.

It is also important to add that, often it is most desirable to chase birds away from their roost at night because that is where the birds feel most safe and protected. Denying them that safety usually means they won’t be around to eat or loaf during the day – this is especially true with Canada Geese.

7.How long does the battery last, and is it a regular 9 volt battery?

The battery lasts about 30 days in normal use (20 to 30 min of use “trigger depressed” per day) and is a regular alkaline 9 volt battery. We have designed in very efficient usage of power.


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