Daily Archives: March 3, 2014

Kirk Gustad

Kirk Gustad – State Director – USDA/APHIS/ Wildlife Services in Illinois

The USDA cannot provide an endorsement of a specific product. But,… speaking as a federal employee to someone asking how I feel about the use of lasers, I have found the laser to be very effective in dispersing many types of birds. It seems to be particularly effective on crows and Canada geese. Although other products are effective in dispersing and moving birds, lasers have the added benefit of being able to do this without the noise typical of these other methods. In this time of heightened state of awareness, this is a significant advantage of lasers. Although lasers are not the answer to all problems, they are a very useful and welcomed addition to the tools we have to help us resolve conflicts between people and wildlife.

Richard Dolbeer

Richard Dolbeer – Project Leader at the USDA/APHIS National Wildlife Research Center and internationally recognized expert on bird control

“I think you are going to see lasers become a standard component of the bird management business” Excerpt from article in the March issue of Pest Control magazine “Bird Management Supplement” dated March 2002